• Kurana

Welcome to the Sustainable Music Industry Blog

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Hello World!

My name’s Christian. While this website is primarily devoted to my music and sensory art excursions, I also want to highlight many of the practices that I feel could play a part in helping to make the music industry sustainable. That’s what we all want right? The chance to live another day, breathe in fresh air, commune with each other around music and know that we can do so in a guilt-free way, owing to the size of our (hopefully soon, nonexistent) carbon footprint. Some of these ideas may be pipe dreams, but I do feel it’s important to dream big and at least get the conversation going.

Thus - you may see me posting a lot of different items, from a lot of different sources. You may see topics ranging from neo-green-nano-tech, to urban planning techniques, to mental health and its relationship to our decision-making abilities within these industries, and how that relates to sustainability (just to name a few).

I will be sharing, reposting, crediting, and then coming up with my own take on each post. You can expect a Topic, Applications, & Dreaming section for each post, as well as definitions of eco-terms used in the article. Credit given where credit due. Where applicable I’m going to try to explain the technologies used in each post, both in my efforts to learn about them, and also to try to make things as accessible as possible. Where possible, if we’re talking about DIY technologies, I’ll post buy lists, instruction manuals, links, etc. Please feel free to ask questions and clarifications, it’ll help everybody! We are all in this together, Will also do my best to keep this under 500 words.

Note - this won’t be an opinion blog, or a hard-core academic blog to start. Just an effort to continue the spread of information - hoping that the right eyes see this content and that it can be actionably used.