• Kurana

Interview w/ Shabnam Ferdowsi of the band Blushh!




They say artists create the things they need the most; write the songs they need to hear the most, etc etc. I'm hopeful that applies to blog posts as well, and with both that intent and the intent to lovingly share resources and provide portals for discovering amazing music with the global community, I present my first full-scale entry for the Music Industry Sustainability Blogcast (MISB). Below you'll find an audio interview with Shabnam Ferdowsi - the singer, songwriter, guitarist and founder of LA-based alternative rock band Blushh; she also produces events and runs an event production collective called Beating Lights.


It was a joy to speak with Shab, and hear her take on touring sustainably and generally staying green as a musician and as a human - and to learn about her background and the idiosyncratic and synchronistic events that led to the formation of the band (who rock! Definitely catch their live show too to satisfy all your collective moshing needs!).Coming up on the 24th, Beating Lights is putting on a Zero Waste Music Event. Details for that can be found here, and on the Beating Lights instagram as well.

August 1st saw the release of a new Blushh single - the rip-roaring "July," featuring production by the whole band + Yianni Anastos-Prastacos of Pink Skies. Also worth shouting out their other single from this cycle, "All My Friends," as well as an oldie: "I'm Over It"

To wrap up, I'd love to feature a teaser for the next post. I'll be creating a portal for you to find non-music industry-specific environmental content. The next post will feature a clickable image that will transport you to a myriad of sustainability podcasts, and with luck, will resonate with the information you need most for your life journey. I encourage you to check them out. For now though, I leave you with something from left field. A featured episode of those podcasts that I also recommend: "Cryptonature: Using Blockchain Technology to Tackle Environmental Problems" - it's this kind of outside-the-box thinking that I believe gives us a peaceful chance at change.

With love,