Petrichor (n.): a pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. In July of 2018 SOKAMBA presented the first iteration of 360 Immersive Dome Show exploring the intertwined narrative between human stories and the cycle of nature in an immersive multi-sensory environment.Installations are created by original music, video projections, and dance choreography. Through team building activities, audiences create an intimate connection built upon trust and free expression by activating tactile memory and social-emotional responses.

Credits: Multimedia Coordinator, Co-Music Director, Soundtrack Album Team Lead

Playing off of themes of loneliness and the many layers of human connection we created a series of live performances that spanned the lines between concert and art installation, bringing both Sunni Colón and his audience into a deeper space of experiencing his music. 

The Manifest performance sought to bring Sunni and his audience together with more vulnerability than a standard live performance. To connect the audience to the show in a deeper way, we designed and developed an interactive ticket personally connected to each audience member. 

Credits: Audiovisual Coordinator

"Anicca" is a visual music piece in 360° by Cecilia Sweet-Coll that explores the Buddhist concept of impermanence. Made in collaboration with motion capture artists, dancers, and mixed for binaural headphone reproduction in Max/MSP for Ableton Live.


Credits: Music composition, sound design, production, binaural mixing, mastering